IIAAA Three-Class Proposal


Change:  Move from the present 4 class system in boys & girls basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball to a 3 class system with the following tournament format:

1.       128 schools in 3A

2.       128 schools in 2A

3.       Remainder of schools in 1A


96 sectionals (32 in each class)               4 teams in each sectional          

24 regionals (8 in each class)                  4 teams in each regional

6 semi-states (2 in each class)                4 teams in each semi-state

State finals (1 in each class)                   2 team state finals


            **Note:  a few sectionals in 1A would need to consist of 6 teams as there are more than 384 IHSAA member schools, however, approximately 87 out of 96 sectionals would have the same format.  This is approximately 91 % of the sectionals that would have the same brackets as compared to approximately 63% from last years boys basketball tournament (6 team sectionals) and 66 % from last years girls basketball tournament (6 team sectionals).  Percentages from baseball, softball and volleyball are also between 60% and 66% of the sectionals with 6 teams.


The rationale for this recommendation is as follows:

1.       Equity and fairness at the sectional level.  Eliminate the bye teams and balance the brackets.

2.       Reduce travel at the sectional level.

3.       Create more sectionals thus more sectional champions.

4.       Create more regionals thus more regional champions.

5.       Increase in regionals and semi-states should increase revenue for the IHSAA.

6.       Opportunity for schools that may not have had an opportunity to host in the past to host a sectional tournament.

7.       Eliminates the mid-week, school night contests.

8.       Possible financial savings in hosting a tournament thus potential increase in revenue at all levels of the tournament.

9.       Advantages for Baseball

a.       Consistency in baseball sectional brackets

b.       Creates a four week tournament which the baseball coaches have been advocating.

c.       Fewer conflicts (graduation) with conducting their sectional tournament.



1.       Number of officials available for basketball sectionals.

2.       New schools continuing to join the IHSAA and how to incorporate them into the sectional level of the tournament.

3.       Girls basketball finals on the same day as the boys basketball sectional.  (this is also a concern under the present format)


Tournament format thoughts:

1.       Boys and girls basketball sectionals could have two games on Friday and the championship on Saturday or:

2.       Boys and girls basketball sectionals could have three games on Saturday, the same as the regional and semi-state levels of the tournament.

3.       Baseball sectionals could have three games on Memorial Day with the regional, semi-state and state finals being played on consecutive Saturdays.